Patrick Cudahy

The Official Bacon of the Green Bay Packers.

When you make it right,
you make history.


Welcome To Cudahy, Wisconsin.
Home Of Sweet Apple-Wood Smoked Flavor.

There’s no substitute for the small town values of Cudahy, Wisconsin. Perhaps that’s why there’s no mistaking the genuine goodness of Patrick Cudahy premium meats. From our signature Sweet Apple-Wood Smoked bacon and ham to our premium deli meats and specialty meats, Patrick Cudahy stays true. True to the original recipes and
rotary smokehouse created in 1888, still used to this day. True to
the good Midwestern people who demand that one-of-a-kind Patrick Cudahy flavor. True to the families and small town values that have
been the cornerstone of our success for over a century.


The Man Who Built A Town

Our founder, Patrick Cudahy, literally put the town of Cudahy on the map in 1892. An Irish immigrant born on St. Patrick’s Day and aptly named ‘Patrick’, he and his brother John grew up in Wisconsin and eventually turned good luck and hard work into a humble 700-acre parcel of land next to the railroad. The stop and the town were named “Cudahy” and from that day forward, began a legacy we respect with every product we make.

Still Made Right Here

The families that settled in Cudahy, Wisconsin back in 1888 did so with little more than great
faith in our founder, Patrick Cudahy. Those faithful families are the reason we still make it right.
And why we’re still making history right here in Cudahy, Wisconsin.